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Low Fat street food of India Poha:


Low Fat street food of India Poha:


Poha is the most famous disc of Ujjain but now these days you can find everywhere in the india, Poha is the part of rice which is processed in machine which is mashed and made in different shape called Poha /Chura,Poha is very easy to cook but testy in eat, how to cook poha:-put poha in water just to wet, take a pan and fry some potato which is cut in small strips or pieces ,then fry almond and some dry fruits, last process take a pant with hot oil put sone onion in to this make it brown and then put the wet poha in to this mix it and fry it till all oil has been merge in to it {note that poha is healthy food so don’t put much of oil},then put all dry fruits into it and then serve it hot.

Type of poha kanda poha and Onion poha is also famous in market.