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India’s best Street food Jalebi:


India’s best Street food Jalebi:

S027 Yellow Jalebi

Jalebi the common and famous Sweet of India, if you listen the name you can imagine the juicy and sticky test of Jalebi, Jalebi means hot, Crispy and Juicy Sweet, but if you are not knowing how to make Jalebi then read this Properly, How to make jalebi mix the wheat flour in the water like flubbed and make if very smooth it will take time put some baking powder in to it and mix it very well put is mixture for marinate for 2 hours ,not put sugar in water and make chhasani and fire it till it will not sticky, tow take a flat pan full of Gee hot it, Put some Flour water mixture in to a thick small cloth make a small hole in to the clothe that will through a small amount of mixture in to hot oil/Gee pan fry according to your shape and crisp it then put it into chasany of Sugar and eat your hot Jalebi.

Jalebi may have different flavors like elaichi and saffron also.