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Indian Food Tandoor Paratha:


Indian Food Tandoor Paratha:

It is not any flavours it contains many flavours only the style of cooking defines it’s name

Smash the boiled potato in a bowl put green chilly or red chilly salt, paper powder, mustards oil, Chopped coriander leafs, mix it properly.

Now take a pan and fry some chopped onion with some turmeric powder and some garlic pest now put the mixture of potato and mix it on flame for 5 mints now your stuff is ready. you can also stuff onion Paratha stuff and govi Paratha stuff and paneer Paratha stuff also.

Get the plain Indian flour doe of wheat stuff the mixture and put it in to tandoor to cook like bread whet it goes golden brown take it out side (you can also use pre heated oven like tandoor) now your Paratha is ready to eat serve it with tomato souse or mustered souse or Curd or pickles and with Indian chatni of coriander leafs and butter.