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Shri Sai Introduction & Life

Shri Sai Baba’s name would be a rare person who is not familiar with them | they were great avatar of Kali | what country he, race, religious family and was born in total, nobody | who were his ancestors, his father and who was the mother, no one knows.

Hematpand the Sai Baba had revealed his desire to learn about life | could not find any information on Baba Ji | Baba did not tell anyone about | Once Baba sitting in solitude with Mhalsapti When he was told his birth date | Baba’s birth date, he wrote on a piece of paper and put it | piece of paper was handed to Hematpand | Baba’s biography, he began writing on this part | part by Baba was born on September 27, 1838 AD | no one knows the reality of the life of Baba.

Shirdi village elder who was his grandfather as a young mother of Chopdar which saw the most beautiful into meditation under a neem tree | see very little people in the age of austerity did wonder boy | boy lost in meditation Srdi- heat and rain did not worry at all | ascetic philosophy of child felt immense masses upwelling.

It was amazing that anyone’s child day | not fear the night in an isolated environment was persecuting | ‘Where was this child?’ This question gives everyone was distraught | boy was very beautiful in appearance | which takes a look at her desire to see her again | they were surprised by the fact that this beautiful handsome boy, how is day and night under the open sky | love and quietness of the statue was seen Sacshat.

They never bother to insult their values harassed | they lived together with ordinary humans, see Nrty, shaking his head while listening to ghazals and Cavalli do praised | notwithstanding his tomb so everything is dissolved | the world was awake he was sleeping when the world was asleep when he was awake | Baba himself never considered God | God’s gift to each miracle believe | pleasure – pain no effect on them poured | modus operandi of saints differs | say Sai Baba lived in a place he had full knowledge of the world in a whole practices and businesses.

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