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Indian Baby Names – Indian Girl Names – Name From F

Name •  Meaning
Fara Level Measure; Beautiful; Lovely; Pleasant; Good Looking; Sunset; Traveller
Feni Sweet
Fida Redemption; Devoting Oneself for Another; Sacrifice
Fila Lover
Fiza Breeze; Nature
Fuli To Bloom Like a Flower
Fadwa Name Derived from Self-sacrifice
Fagun Holy Month in Spring
Faina Crown or Garland
Fairy Woman Known to have Magical Powers
Faith Trust; Belief; Faithful; Loyalty; Hope; Confidence; One of the Virtues; Faith; Charity
Faiza Gain; Victorious; Winner
Falah Happiness; Success; Long Live
Falak Star; Sky; Heaven
Falan Beautiful
Falaq Break of Dawn; Daybreak; Dawn
Falgu Falgun Month
Fanan Branch of a Tree; Tree Branch or Twig
Fanee Serpent
Fanya Young Deer; Feminine of Francis; From France
Farah Glory; Happiness; Cheerfulness; Beautiful; Joyful; Lovely; Pleasant; Good Looking; Traveller
Faran Good; Brave
Farha Happiness
Faria A Caravan
Farva To Roam Around
Faten Tempting
Fatin Captivating; Alluring; Enchanting
Fatma The Prophet Mohammad’s Daughter; Daughter of Muhammad; Abstainer; Form of Fatima
Feeza Nature
Fenal Angel of Beauty
Fenna Scented Flower; Kutiya
Fenny Smart
Feral Add Meaning
Ferin Add Meaning
Filza Light; Rose from Heaven
Fiona White; Fair; Pale; Blond; Beautiful; Hero; Vine; Pale or Fair
Fizza Nature
Foram Fragrance
Forum Fragrance
Freya Goddess of Love; Queen of the Gods; Beloved; Lady; Noble Woman; High-born Lady; Mistress
Friya Wife of Methodologists
Fulki Spark
Fulva One Kind of Pronouns of Flower; Name of Flower
Fylla Youthful; Gener
Faajal Accomplished
Faatin Captivating
Fabina God
Fadila Attractive; Good Looking; Generous; Virtuous
Fahima Intelligent; Learned; Understands
Faizah Victorious; Winner; Obtaining; Successful
Fajyaz Artistic
Fakhri Glory
Falgun A Month in the Hindu Calendar
Faloni In Charge
Faraza Success; Height
Farhat Happiness; Bliss; Decent; Propriety; Cheer; Pleasure
Farhin Jubilant; Happiness
Fariba Mesmerizing; Enticing; Charming
Farida Turquoise; Unique; Love
Farisa Smart; Beautiful; Kind
Fariza Light
Farrin Wanderer; Adventurous; Glorified
Farzin Wise; Intelligent
Fasika Happiness
Fatima The Prophet Mohammad’s Daughter; Weaning; Daughter of the Prophet Mohammed; One who Abstains; Baby’s Nurse
Fauzia Successful; Victorious; Triumphant
Fawiza Successful
Fayyim Strong
Felicy Happiness
Fellah Arabian Jasmine
Femina Female
Firaki Fragrance
Firoja Stone
Firoza Turquoise
Firyal Name; Proper Name
Fizzah Silver; Pure
Foolan Flowering
Freena Delicate as a Flower
Freyal Name
Frieza Welcoming; Cold Wind; Femaine of Frieze
Fritha Beloved
Fullan Blooming
Furman Commander
Faatina Captivating
Fadhiya Gorgeous
Fadilah Virtuous; Outstanding; Superior; Cultured and Refined; Distinguished; Learned; Virtue
Fahmida Intelligent and Wise
Falguni Grater Flower; Born in Falgun; A Hindu Month
Falisha Happiness; Lucky; Female Version of Felix
Faqirah Wife of Murrah Al-asadi; Name of a Beautiful Woman (Wife of Murrah Al-asadi)
Farahan Cheerfully
Farahat Liveliness
Fareeda Unique; Matchless; Precious Pearl or Gem
Fareeha Happy; Joyful; Cheerful; Glad
Fareena Add Meaning
Farhana Immerse; Beautiful; Happy; Joyful; Cheerful
Farheen Happy; Jubilant
Farhina Happiness
Faridah Unique; Matchless; Precious Pearl or Gem; Proud; Pride
Farideh Delightful
Farihah Happy; Joyful; Cheerful; Glad; Brisk; Swift
Farohar Angel; Spirit
Farzana Intelligence; Wise
Fatemeh A Woman who Weans her Child; The Name of Mohammad’s Daughter
Fathima The Prophet Mohammad’s Daughter; Holy; Pure
Fatimah Accustom; Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad; One of Four Perfect Women Mentioned in the Koran; The Other Three were Aisha; Khadijah; And Mary
Fatinah Captivating; Alluring; Enchanting; Intelligent
Fawziya Successful; Victorious
Fazeela Faithful
Firdaws Highest Garden in Paradise; Garden; Paradise
Firdoos Highest Garden in Paradise; Paradise
Fodrina Beautiful
Fullara Wife of Kalketu
Fulmala Garland
Fulmati Queen of Flowers
Fulmoti Beautiful Like Flower
Fadheela Virtue
Faheemah Intelligent
Fakeehah Cheerful
Fakhirah Splendid; Elegant
Falaknaz Sky
Fareedah Unique; Matchless; Precious Pearl or Gem
Farhanaa Beautiful
Farishta Angel
Farzaneh Wise
Fatehjit Victorious Victor
Fathiyah Joy; Happiness; New Beginning
Feerozah A Precious Stone; Daughter of Al-mazfar; She was a Scholar; Narrator of Hadith and a Very Righteous Woman; She Wrote a Book of Hadith Al-arbaeen Riwayat As-salihat an As-salhiheen
Feshikha Princess
Firouzeh Turquoise
Fiyanshu Add Meaning
Flaminia Priest
Foolmala Garland
Foolwati Delicate as a Flower
Francine From France or Free One; Frenchwoman; Feminine of Francis
Fulgitha Flower
Fultushi Common Name
Faalgunee Day of Full Moon
Fahamitha Add Meaning
Faneendra Beautiful
Fariishta Angel
Fawziyyah Successful; Victorious; Triumphant
Fereshteh Angel
Frayashti Worship; Praise
Faneeshwar King of Serpents; Shiva
Farkhondeh Joyous; Happy
Finiashwari Wonderful
Forouzandeh Shining