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Indian Baby Names – Indian Girl Names – Name From E

Eda Wealthy Guardian; Wealthy; Happy; Fight; Warrior; Strife for Wealth; Well-mannered; Rich Battle
Eha Desirous
Eka Matchless; Alone; First Child
Eki A Single String Necklace
Ela God is My Oath; Stone; All; Completely; God is Perfection; God is Wow; Order; Beauty; Harmony; Hazel; Cardamom Tree; Earth
Ena The Zodiac Sign of Capricorn; Kernel
Eni A Der; A Flowing Stream
Era Long Period of Time; Wind; Air
Esa God is Salvation; Wish Desire
Eta Luminous
Eti Arrival; Star
Eva Life; To Live; To Breath; Good News; Form of Eve; Beloved; Living One; Breath of Life; Life-giving
Echo Return of Sound; Sound; Well Spoken; Echo; Re-sound
Edha Sacred
Edna Pleasure
Eeha Wish
Eena Mirror
Eila The Earth
Ekaa Goddess Durga
Ekta One; Unity
Elga Elfin Spear
Elil Beauty
Elma Will; Desire; Helmet; God’s Protection; Will-helmet; Apple; Protection
Elsa Snow and Ice; Cute; God’s Promise; God is My Oath; Noble; Nobility; Variant of Elizabeth; Pledged to God; God is Perfection; My God is a Vow
Emma Industrious; All-containing; Universal; Embracing Everything; Whole; Entire; All
Eona Female Version of Ian
Esha Pleasure; Desire
Easha Desire
Eashi Happiness
Eccha Goddess Parvati
Edana Fiery
Edith Prosperous in War; Joyous; Prosperity; Battle; Rich Gift; Strife for Wealth; Rich in War
Edlyn Princess; Small Noble One; Noblewoman
Eedha Sacred
Eesha Purity; Goddess Parvati
Eevan Beauty
Effie Star; Melodious Talk; Pleasant Speech; Sweet Spoken; Of Fair Fame; Well Spoken
Ehani Song
Eilin Torch; Bright Light
Eiman Faith
Eisha Pleasure; Desire
Ekaja The Only Child
Ekala Only Child
Ekani One
Ekata Unity
Ekdha The Person who is Alone
Ekiya The Only One Person; Love
Ekjit Victorious One
Ekjot God is One
Eksha Rational
Ektaa Unity; Beauty
Ektha Unity
Elana Announce
Elaro Beauty
Elena Light; Sun Ray; Shining; Form of Eleanor; Variant of Helen; Feminine of Alexander; Defender of Mankind; Sun; The Bright One
Eleni Light or Torch
Elfie Good Elf; Elf; Power
Elham Inspiration; Revelation
Elika Pelican of God; Earth
Elili Beautiful
Elina Woman with Intelligence; Pure; Intelligent; Light; Torch; Moon; Moon Elope
Elisa God is My Oath; God’s Promise; Consecrated to God Abbreviation of Elisabeth; Spanish Form of Elizabeth Consecrated to God; Dedicated to God
Elise God is My Oath; Consecrated to God Abbreviation of Elisabeth; Pledged to God; Form of Elizabeth
Eliza God is My Oath; Consecrated to God; Form of Elizabeth; Pledged to God; The Chosen; Unique; Precious
Ellie Light; Nobility; All; Completely; Exalted; Sun Ray; Shining Light; Foreign; Famous Warrior
Emani Faith
Emily Industrious; To Strive; Excel; Rival; Eager; Laborious; Emulating; Emily
Erina Beautiful Lady; From Ireland; Poetic Name for Ireland
Erjot A New Beginning
Esaki Girl
Eshal The Name of Flower in the Heaven
Eshma Lucky
Eshna Wish or Strong Desire
Eshni Name of Goddess Durga
Esita Desired; One who Desires
Estaa Beloved; Loving
Etaka The Philosophical One; The Cleverest of All
Etasa One who Desires
Etash Luminous
Ezhil Beautiful; Azhagu
Ezzah A Person who Gives the Honour; Respect
Eartha Earthy; Born of the Earth; Child of the World
Eashaa Desire; Durga
Eashta Eashwara’s Name
Ebbani Desire
Edhita Progressed
Edwina Prosperous Friend; Female Version of Edwin; Friend of Riches; Blessed Friend; Wealthy Friend; Valuable Friend
Eeshta Beloved
Eeshvi God
Efrona Feminine of Efron
Eileen Light
Eimaan Faith
Ekagar One Minded; Absorbed in Meditation of One
Ekanta Devoted Girl
Ekatha Unity
Ekatya One Girl No Any Girls
Ekisha One Goddess
Eknoor One Light
Ekroop One Beauteous Form
Ektuhi Only One Thee
Ekvira Queen Fish
Elaheh Goddess
Elaine Shining; Variant of Helen; Torch; Bright Light; Light
Elakia Literature
Elakya Literature
Elamma God Name
Elisai Seven Musical Notes; Melodious
Ellora Clouds
Elvisa Feminine of Elvis
Emilin Of the Sky and Earth
Erisha Speech
Erleen Noble Woman
Ernika Sunlight
Eshana Search
Eshani Goddess Parvathi; Close to God
Eshika An Arrow; Dart
Eshita One who Desires
Esther Star; Myrtle Leaf; Like a Star; Stampedding Horses
Eswari Hindu Goddess Name; Goddess Parvati; Wife of God Siva
Eswary Good Girl
Etasha Shining
Etebar Belief; Faith; Trust
Ethaha Shining
Ethari Luminous