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Indian Baby Names – Indian Girl Names – Name From C

Name •  Meaning
Cala Castle; Fortress; Lovely; Most Beautiful
Cher Dear or Beloved
Chit Heart
Cora Maiden; Seething Pool
Cyra Moon
Cammy Young Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies
Candi Clarity; Whiteness; Form of Candace; Glowing; Bright
Candy Bright; Sweet; Glowing White
Carla Fem Form of Carl
Carly Form of Caroline
Carma Garden or Field of Fruits; Song; Garden
Carol Song of Joy; Song of Happiness; Womanly; Form of Carolyne
Cathy Pure
Chaka A Lark
Chala Earth
Chami Nice; Good
Chand Moon
Chane Name of a God; Dependability
Chann Beauteous; Beloved
Chara Quiet and Frisky
Charu Beautiful; Attractive
Chavi Daughter; Radiance; Shadow
Chaxu Eyes
Chaya Alive; Living; Lustre; Beauty
Cheri Beloved One; Dear; Variant of Cherie Dear One; Darling
Cheru Love
Chevi Ears
Chhab Beauty; Splendour; Brilliance; Fashion; Form; Figure
Chhap Gold or Silver Ring; Seal or Stamp; Insignia Representing a Lotus
Chini Sweet
Chinu Golden Heart
Chira Permanently
Chiti Love
Chloe Green Shoot; Blooming; Bursting Forth
Chola Ancient Kingdom of North India
Chulu A Litle of Water to Suicide
Chuni Voted; Headscarf
Cilji Lovely Girl
Clare Bright; Shining; Clear; Famous; Form of Clara; Clear and Bright
Coral Pinkish Stones; Small Stone
Czaee Name of Flower
Calama Add Meaning
Calida Warm and Loving; Most Beautiful
Candra Luminescent; Moon
Canisa Very Dear
Capala Swift; Lightning
Carina Beloved; Keel of a Ship; Pure; Dear Little One; Darling
Carmem Garden
Carmen Crimson or Red; Garden; Field of Fruit; Song; Garden Orchard; Son of Talmai; Variant of Carmel; Red
Carrie Melody; Song; Form of Carol; Manly; Female Version of Charles; Carl; Darling; Song of Joy
Caruvi Instrument
Cavery Name of a River in India
Cecily Blind One; Sixth
Celina Sky; Goddess of the Moon; Heavenly; Moon
Chaand The Moon
Chaaru Beautiful
Chaaya Shadow
Chabbi Picture
Chadna Love
Chahak Lover
Chahat Desire; Wish
Chahna Love; Like
Chaina Peace
Chaity Awake
Chakku Knife
Chaman Garden
Champa A Flower
Chancy Goddess Lakshmi
Chanda Moon
Chandi Goddess Chamundeshvari Devi
Chanel Name of the Famous Perfume
Chanti Peace
Chardy A Burning Fire that Desires Love and Yet is Always Alone
Charil Brightness
Charla From Charlotte; Little and Womanly; Female Version of Charles; Carl; Beautiful
Charly Modern Form of Charles; Manly; Little and Womanly; Free Man
Charme Attractive Beauty
Charmi Beautiful
Charmy Charming
Charul Beautiful
Charvi A Beautiful Woman; Lovely; Beautiful Woman
Charvy Beautiful Eyes
Chatri Umbrella
Chaula Rice
Chayan Selection
Chayla Fairy
Cheena Pure White Marble
Chelan Beautiful Lake
Chembi Name of Wooden Part
Chenab River in Punjab
Cherry Fruit; Cherry Fruit; Dear; Beloved; Form of Cheryl; Brotherly Love; Name of a Fruit; Darling; Cherry
Chervi Wife of Kubera
Cheryl Beloved
Chetal Add Meaning
Chetas Mind
Chetna Power of Intellect; Alert
Chhabi Picture
Chhail Beautiful; Handsome
Chhavi Reflection; Outlook; Reflection Reflection
Chhaya Shadow
Chicha One who has a Smile Like the Sun
Chikku Sweet; Fruit
Chinar Maple Tree
Chinni Cute; Sweet
Chinnu Nice; Cute
Chinta Thought
Chintu Sweet
Chippi A Pearl and Something Very Very Special
Chippy Love
Chiran Hope; Beloved
Chitra Drawing; Picture; A Star; Name of a River; Art; Nakshatra
Chitta Mind
Chitti Butterfly
Choska Chosen for Fate; Powerful
Chukki Star
Chulin Crisp; Calm; Reserved
Chulli Cooking Fire
Chumki Decorative Star / Sitara
Chunni Star
Chunta A Bird
Chunti A Small Ruby
Churni The Name of a River
Chutki Little One; Tiny Girl
Claire Bright; Clear; Famous
Corian Modern; Trendy; Full of Emotion
Corona Crown
Cyanea Sky Blue
Caitali Sharp of Memory
Caitlin The Celtic Form of Catherine; Girl; Pure
Camaksi Goddess Name
Camelia A Flower
Camilla Young Ceremonial Attendant; Helper to the Priest; Free-born; Noble; Variant of Camilla; Attendant for a Temple; Religious; Attendant of Temple
Camille Swiftness of Foot; Attendant of Temple; Attendant for a Temple
Camunda The Old Goddess who is Horrible to See with her Necklace of Skulls; Her Eyes Full of Blood and her Heavy Club
Candika Fierce Goddess
Candrii Add Meaning
Carcika Name of a God
Carissa Tender Touch; Grace
Carlota Petite or Feminine
Carsani Add Meaning
Catlina Pure
Cauvery Name of a River
Celeste Heavenly; Divine
Chaarvi Beautiful Girl; Sanskrit
Chahana Desire; Affection
Chaheti Lovely; Lovable for All
Chaitan Consciousness
Chaitna Sunflower Seed
Chaitra Aries Sign; 1st Month of a Year as Per Calender; Another Name of Goddess Parvati; Usually the Month of Ugaadi Festival
Chaitya Its a Buddhist Hindu Shrine in India
Chakori Alert; A Bird Enamoured of the Moon
Chakria Lakshmi
Chakshu Eyes
Chalama Goddess Parvati
Chalana Moving
Chalipa A Flower
Chalsia Beautiful; Graceful
Chameli Jasmine; A Creeper with Flowers
Chamini Add Meaning
Chandaa The Moon
Chandan Sandlewood
Chandee Name of a God
Chandni Moonlight; Star
Chandra Moon
Chandri Moonlight; Illuminating
Changla Good
Channan Full of Fragrance Like Sandalwood
Chantal Stony Place; Song
Chapala Restless; Lighting
Charani Goddess Saraswati
Charika Add Meaning
Charini Follower; Disciple
Charisa Elk