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Indian Baby Names – Indian Boy Names – Name From W

Name •  Meaning
Wat Hurdle; People of Power or Army of Power
Wadi Calm; Peaceful
Wail Returner
Wali Protector; Governor; Lord; Friend of God; Guardian
Wrig Wrigveda
Wuar Fire
Wadee Calm
Wafid Sky
Wafiq Successful; Triumphant
Wafir Plenty
Wahab Gift; Large Hearted; Kind Hearted; Name of Sahaabi
Wahib Donor; Another Name for the God; Munificent; Bestowed; Liberal Donor
Wajid Inventor; One who Perceives; Finds
Wajih Notable; Eminent
Wakil Warrior; Lawyer; Trustee
Walad Father
Walia A Most Beautiful Cast
Waman Short
Waqas Combatant; Soldier
Waris Inheritor; Heir
Warsi Add Meaning
Wasan Short; Idol
Wasim Handsome; Honest; Attractive
Wazir Minister; Vizier
Wikki Add Meaning
Wiqar Modesty; Dignity
Wishu Wish
Wisnu God of Preserver
Wyaat Warrior
Waahid Single; Exclusively; Unequalled
Wafeeq Successful
Waheed Unique; Single; Exclusively; Unequalled; Lord of the Sky
Wajeeh Notable; Eminent; Commanding Personality
Walden From the Wooden Valley; Powerful; Abbreviation of Oswald; Child of the Forest Valley
Waleed Newborn Child; Father
Walter People of Power; Powerful Warrior; Commander of the Army
Wamika God
Wariam The Brave One
Waryam The Brave One
Wassiq Kindness and Love
Wedant Same as Vedanta
Wallace Welshman; Stranger; Foreign; Celtic; From Wales
Walleed Name of Sahabi
Waraich Cast
Warwaha Add Meaning
William Resolute Protector; Will-helmet; Will Desire; Valley; Unwavering Protector; Protect
Wiplove War
Wrichik Sun
Wyconda Beautiful Stranger
WaalBaqi The Everlasting
Wajidali Obsessed
Warinder Lord of the Ocean
Wasidali Engrossed
Wasimbir Handsome and Brave
Wasimjit Graceful Victory
Wahidpreet Unique Love
Waliyudeen Supporter of the Faith
Waliyullah Supporter of God