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Indian Baby Names – Indian Boy Names – Name From T

Name •  Meaning
Tab Drummer; Brilliant; Shining
Taj Crown; Jewel
Tej Lustrous; Light
Tez Fast
Thu Autumn; God
Taaj Crown
Taal Music
Taha Best; Pure; Skilful; Another Name for the Prophet Muhammad; Pious; Name of a Surah in the Quran; Name of a Surah in Holy Quran
Tahj Crown
Taib Very Good Person
Taif Vision; Spectre
Tajh Crown
Tala Stiles; Bottom
Tana Issue
Tanu Slender; Delicate; Body
Tapa Penance; To Burn; Shine; Suffer
Tapi A Name of River; Warm
Tara A Star; The Name of a Buddhist Goddess
Taru Little Plant; Small Plant
Tate To be Cheerful; Great; Measure of Land; Great Talker
Tefo Love
Tegh Holy Place; Sacred Water
Teja Prowess
Teji Very Fast
Teju Pleasant
Tena By that; With that
Tenu Good
Tibu Great One; Indian Tribe
Tigy Tidy
Tika Spicy; Ascendants of the King Called Tika and Simile; Notes of Hindi Language also Based on Tika
Tinu Spot of Vermillion or Sandal Wood Paste on Forehead
Tito Of the Giants
Tola A Balance
Tosa Tarun
Toya Water
Tuka Young Boy
Tula Balance Scale; Zodiac Sign Libra
Tulu A Language
Tuya Pure
Tyag Lord Indra
Taber Drummer; Brilliant; Shining; A Ray; Encampment; Well
Tahil Royal Son of Jaya
Tahir Holy; Chaste; Modest; Clean; Pure; Innocent; Unsullied; Untouched; From Muslim; Virtuous
Tajim Respect
Taksa Son of Bharata
Taksh Strong
Takul Strong; Good Nature
Talak To Release
Talal Nice; Dew; Fine Rain; Nice Admirable
Talat Prayer; Countenance
Talha Kind of Tree
Talib Divine; Seeker; Another Name for God; One who Longs or Wishes; Sender (of Truth); Student; Lover; The Seeker of Truth
Talin Lord Shiva
Talun Young; Youthful
Tamal A Tree with Very Dark Bark
Tamam Generous
Tamar From Tamar
Tamas Darkness
Tamir Owns Palm Trees; Tall and Slender; Tall
Tamra Copper Red
Tanak Prize
Tanas Humble
Tanav Flute
Tanay Son of Wind
Tanda Peace
Tandi Beloved
Tandu Jump
Tanip Sun
Tanju Younger
Tanka Victorious Winner
Tanoj Son
Tansu Long Life
Tantu Brilliance
Tanuj Son
Tanul To Expand; Progress
Tanun The Wind
Tanuu Diamond
Tanya Worthy of Praise
Tapan Sun; Summer; Tapasvi; Lord Surya (Sun)
Tapas Heat; Penance; Ascetic
Tapij A Gem
Tapit Refined Gold
Tapoj Born from Meditation
Tapti Warm
Tapur Gold
Tarak Star; Pupil of Eye; Protector
Taral Honeybee
Taran Raft; Heaven; The Saviour of All
Taren Childlike
Tarif Unique; Admiration
Tarik One who Crosses the River of Life; Muslim General who Conquered Spain; Morning Star; Neutron Star; Messenger; Path-breaker or Finder; Variant of Tariq; Knocking
Tariq Morning Star; Name of a Star; An 8th Century Islamic Military Leader who Conquered Spain for the Moors; A Late Visitor
Tarit Lightning
Tarok Shooting Star; Lord Shiva
Tarsa With a Fine Shape; Raft; Ocean
Tarsh Lucky Star
Tarun Sun; Young; Youth; Tender
Tarus Light
Tasha Born on Christmas Day; A Short Form of Natsha
Tashi Fortunate
Tatat Buy
Tatva Element
Tatya Lord Shiva
Tayak Moonlight
Tayin Protector
Tegan Doe
Tehan Worthy of Praise
Tejai To Glow
Tejal Bright
Tejas Brilliance; Lustre; Sharpness
Tejul Sunshine
Tejus Brilliance
Tenen Rain
Terra Earth
Tesav Humble
Thara Star
Theja Lighting
Thiru Beautiful; Tamil
Thuse Dust
Tijil Moon
Tikam Moving
Tikku Kind Heart
Tikoo Splinter
Tilak Auspicious; Spot of Vermillion or Sandal Wood Paste on Forehead
Tilok Tip
Timba Point
Timin Large Fish; Born Near the Sea
Timir Darkness
Timit Calm; Tranquil; Steady; Quiet
Timmy One who Honors God; Form of Timothy; Honoring God; Dispel of Paul
Tinku Small; Sweet Flower
Tippu A King
Tiraj Golden
Tirna A Queen; A Crown
Tirth Holy Place; Pilgrim; To Go Yatra Dham
Tista A River
Tisya Fortunate; Auspicious
Titas A Name of River
Titha Fire; Love; Time
Titir A Bird
Tivra Fast; Intense
Tivri Target
Tohan Thanks
Tohit Beautiful
Tokma Silver Star
Tomas Twin; A Form of Thomas
Tonto Indulgence; Devotion
Toshi Mirror Reflection
Tosia Inestimable
Trang Dawn; Decorated; Honored
Treet Lord of Water; Holy Water
Trupt Satisfied
Tubal The Earth; The World; Confusion; Thou Shall be Brought
Tufan Storm
Tuggu Brilliant
Tuhar Remover of the Darkness
Tuhin Snow
Tulsi The Incomparable One
Tulya Of the Same Kind
Tunav A Flute
Tunda Lord Shiva
Tunga Prominent; Erect; Chief; Strong
Tunna Very Clever Person
Tupam Love
Tupil Moon
Turag A Thought
Turia A Princess Name
Turni Clever; Quick
Turvi Superior
Turya Diamond
Tusar Water Drops
Tusya Lord Shiva