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Indian Baby Names – Indian Boy Names – Name From S

Name •  Meaning
Sa Handsome; Lord
Su Plain; Respectful; Lord Shiva; God
Sai Always Smile; Flower of Love; Everywhere; Lord Shiva; Sai Baba; Swami; Flower; Friend
Sam Told by God; God has Listen; To Hear; Sun; His Name is God; Sun Child; Little Sun; Strong Person; Heard of God; God
San Sun; Lord Shankar
Sar Pain; Effective
Sat Truth
Sha Luck; Good
Som Moon; Religious Drink
Sri Respect; Richness; God
Sun Bending; Decreasing
Sur A Musical Note
Saad Light; Good Luck; Lucky; Variant of Sa’ad; Felicity; Good Fortune; Support; A Companion of the Prophet
Saam A Character in Shahnameh
Saaz Breath; Melody
Sabu Strong Loyal Person
Sada Pure One
Sadi Fortunate; Lucky
Safa Eternal
Saha Enduring; Mighty
Said Happy; Rivulet; Lucky
Saif Caring; Sword; Saber
Saji A Scholar had this Name
Saju Travelling
Saka Hunter
Salu Name of a Tribal King
Sama Equal; Time; Even; Honest
Sami High; Sublime; Similar; Noble; All Hearing; Elevated; Another Name for God; Listener; Obedient; Lofty; Supreme
Samy Intelligent
Sana Brilliant; Praise; Resplendence; To Gaze
Sani Gift
Sant Saintly Person
Sanu Peak Sun
Saqr Falcon
Sara The Whole World; Lake
Saro Good One
Saru Lord Saraswati
Sasi Moon; Lovely Person
Saul Prayed for
Sava Wise; Old Man; Saint who was a Trainer of Young Monks
Seif Sword; Brave; Sword of Religion
Sena Army
Seri Correct
Seth Appointed One; Placed
Setu Sacred Symbol; Bridge
Seva Service; Attendance; Care
Sevu To Donate
Sewa Absorbed in Service
Shah The King; Shah; Emperor
Sham Strong Person; Lord Krishna; Darker Skin Tone
Shan Pride; Prestige; Old; Famous; Respected; Wise One; Old Wise; Dignity; Splendour
Shar Lord of Peace
Shay Gift; Hawk-like; Eagle; Sharp
Sher The Beloved One; Lion
Shib Lord Shib
Shil Good Character
Shiv Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky
Shod To Search; Lord Shiva
Shok Hymn; Verse of God
Shon God is Gracious
Shri Richness; Respected
Shuk A Parrot
Sian The Best
Sijo Helpfull
Sikh Disciple; Student; Seeker; Perpetual Learner
Silu Rock
Siva Lord Shiva; Silence
Slok Chant; Mantra
Smit Smile
Sneh Friendship; Love
Soma The Nectar of Immortality
Somu The Moon
Sona Gold
Soni Surajiv
Sons God
Sonu Pure Gold
Sony Son
Sree Beautiful; Wonderfull; Happy
Srey Happiness
Stav Autumn
Sual Asked for
Subh Ganesh
Subi Special Person of All Beings
Sugu Name of Lord Sugureshwar
Suha Name of a Star
Suji To Win Beauty in World
Suka Wind
Sukh Peace; Happiness
Suma Fragrance; Flower; Sum; Total
Sunu Son Child
Sura God
Suri Lord Krishna
Suru With Good Taste
Sury Human
Suta Son
Sutu Pious
Suud Good Luck
Suvi Happy
Svar Lord Vishnu
Swar Voice
Swet White
Syam Lord Krishna
Syon Good Luck; Gentle
Syum Ray
Syun A Ray
Sabal With Strength
Sabar Nectar
Sabih Handsome
Sabir Patient
Sabrr Patience
Sachh The Truth
Sachi Honest; Truth; Child of Bliss
Sacin Lord of Indra
Sadal Luck will Come to You
Sadar Respectful
Sadha Eternal
Sadhu Righteous; Holy
Sadik Truthful
Sadiq Kingly; Friend; Sincere; Truthful Origin Muslim; Truthful
Sadru Lord Siva; Lord Vishnu
Saduk Existent
Sadun Happy
Saeed Priestly; Happy; Fortunate; Prosperous; Lucky; Rivulet; Blissful; Auspicious
Safal Succeed
Safia Nice; Gentle; Loving; Caring; Beautiful; A Gift Giving from God as a Beautiful Loving; Kind Flower; Rose
Safiy Best Friend
Sagaj Natural
Sagal All; Inclusive
Sagan Lord Shiva
Sagar Wise One; From the Sagebrush Plant; Surname; Sea; Ocean; Pond; Name of the 2nd Chakravarti; Water
Sagat Good
Sagav White
Sagma Powerful; Mighty; Strong
Sagni Sacred Fire
Sagun Possessed of Qualities
Sahaj Natural; Original
Saham Peace
Sahan Falcon
Sahar Sun; Dawn; Morning; Time Before Day Break; Bewitch
Sahas Courage; Bravery
Sahat Strong; Stung
Sahay Help
Saheb One with Honourable Status
Sahel One who Shows the Way; Beach; Shore
Sahen Falcon
Sahib The Lord; Companion; Follower; Friend
Sahil Ocean; Guide; Sea Shore; River Bank
Sahir Magician; Lord Shiva; Wakeful
Sahit Bounded
Sahni Peaceful
Sahod Happiness
Sahoj Full of Strength
Sahor Good Excellent Pious
Saija Stylish
Saini A Cast in Hindu Dharma
Saish Lord Saibaba and Shiv
Saivi Auspicious
Sajag Watchful
Sajal Moist
Sajan Beloved
Sajay Joyful
Sajid Prostrator; Adotar; One who Worships God
Sajiv Gods Place; Lively
Sajja Adorned; Equipped
Sajoy Came with Joy
Sakal All Whole Perfect
Sakar Lively; Manifestation of God
Saket Heaven; Lord Krishna
Sakha Friend; Generosity; Liberality
Sakib Very Caring
Sakti Energy; Goodness
Salah Goodness; Mission; Sending; Goodness Origin Muslim; Righteousness of the Faith
Salaj Water which Flows from Melted Ice from Mountain
Saleh Good; Suitable; Righteousness
Salem Safe; Peace; Tranquillity; Peaceful Origin African
Salij Water Born
Salil Water; Descendant; Son; Sword
Salim Happy; Peaceful; Safe; Sound; Tranquillity; Another Name for God; Perfect; Healthy; Secure; Free
Samaj Lord Indra
Saman Equal; Calming Song of Praise; Home; Welfare
Samar War; Fruit of Paradise; Fruits of Paradise
Samat King
Samay Time
Samba Attended by the Divine Mother
Sameh The One who is Forgiving; Lord Krishna; Forgiver
Samen Excited; Happy
Samer Lord of Wind
Samik Peaceful
Samil Peaceful
Samin Self- Disciplined
Samip Nearby; Close
Samir Wind; Pleasant Companion; A Companion who Joins in an Evening Conversation; Jovial; Early Morning Fragrance; Entertaining Companion; Breeze; Entertainer
Samit Always Making Friends; Collected; Quiet
Sammi His Name is God
Sanag A Beautiful Mountain
Sanaj Ancient
Sanal Vigorous
Sanam Beloved
Sanas Laughing Smiling
Sanat Lord Brahma