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Indian Baby Names – Indian Boy Names – Name From R

Name •  Meaning
Ru God; Scholar; Lord Ganesh
Rah Path; Wait
Raj Kingdom; King; Secret
Ram Male Sheep; Lord Rama; One who Pleases; The Eldest Sun of King Dasharatha; The Hero of Indian Mythology Called Ramayana; Pleasing; Charming; Good Guy; Obedient
Rao Victorious
Ras Head; An Ethiopian Title; Loved; Desired; Sweet
Ray Regal; Counsellor; Abbreviation of Raymond; Advice; Beam of Light; Grace; Well Advised Protector; Wise Protector; Dear Brook; Abbreviation of R
Raz Secret
Ree Shiva
Rik New Way
Rob Bright with Fame; Form of Robert; Shining; Famous Ruler
Roh Spirit
Roy King; Red; Regal; Red Haired
Run Race in Life
Rus Juice; Elixir
Rut Companion; Friend
Raag Music
Raaj Kingdom
Raam Lord Rama; God; Supreme Spirit
Raaz Secret
Rabi Spring; Breeze
Rach To Form
Radi In Concordance; Satisfied
Rafi Comforter; Form of Raphael; God has Healed; Another Name for God; Lofty; Exalted; Delicate
Ragi Full of Love; Delighting; Affectionate
Ragy Up to Date
Rahi Traveller
Rais Leader; Chief
Raja King; Sand; Silvery; Emotion; Affection; Hope; Royal
Raji Compromise; One who Shines
Raju King; Prosperity
Raka Moon at Full Glory
Rama Pleasing; Rejoicing; Lofty
Rami Loving; Protector Advice
Ramu Lord Sriram
Ramy Loving
Rana Joy; Jewel; To Gaze; Look
Rann Battlefield
Rati Kamdev’s Wife
Raul Wolf Counsellor; Wolf; Form of Ralph Wolf Counsel; Strong Defender; Wise Wolf; Wise Counsel
Ravi Great; Intelligent; Powerful Boy; Smart; Sun; Lord Surya (Sun); Fire
Raya Flowing of a River; Zeal
Raza Hope
Reda Contentment; Satisfaction; Favour
Reed Red-headed; Red Haired; Ruddy Complexioned
Reet Custom
Remi From the Champagne Town of Rheims; Abbreviation of Remington; Rower; Champagne; A Town in Central France; From Rheims
Remy From the Raven Farm; Champagne; Fine Brandies are the Principal Product of Rheims; A Town in Central France
Renu Molecule; Particle; Earth; Born of Dust
Reti Lord; Sand
Reva Narmada River
Reza Agreement; Will; Resignation; Contentment; Acceptance; Satisfaction
Rhea Singer
Rian Little King
Riaz Garden; Devotion
Rick Rich and Powerful Ruler; War Leader; Dominant Ruler; People’s Ruler; Power of the Wolf; Brother; All-ruler; Strong Power; Hardy Power; Powerful and Brave Ruler
Rida In Gods Favor; Contentment; Satisfaction
Riju Innocent
Rina Greens from the Village; Song; Joy; Melted; Dissolved
Ripu Enemy
Rish Sage; Saint
Risu Honest and Clever
Riti Motion
Ritu Weather
Rizu Brave; Powerful
Robi Bright Fame; Shining with Fame
Roca Radiant
Roja Rose Flower
Rolf Wolf Counsel; Famous Wolf; Wolf Fame; Swift Wolf
Roma Laxmi
Roop Look
Ruan Raising
Ruba Ruby
Rudr Fearsome; Name of Lord Shiva
Ruka Spiritual
Rukm Gold
Runa Sixth Month of Muslim Calendar
Rups Beauty
Rush Red Haired
Ryan King; Little King; Little Ruler; Kingly; Descendant of Rian
Ryna King
Raadh Concept
Raahi Traveller
Raavi Sun; River
Rabab White Cloud
Rabah Gainer; Story Teller
Rabee Spring
Rabek God is One
Raben King of All
Rabhu Skillful; Prudent
Radhu Lord Krishna
Radia Radio
Rafat Elevation
Rafey Pioneer
Rafik Lord; Friend; Singer
Rafiq True Friend; Helpful; Gentle; Kind; Ally; Friend Origin Islamic; Trust-able
Ragav Lord of God
Ragha Type of Singing
Raghu The Family of Lord Rama; An Ancient King of Avadh
Ragin Sur
Ragul Obediant
Rahal Attachment
Rahas Secret
Rahat Rest; Response; Comfort
Rahel Jolyful
Rahil Guide; Who Tells the Path Like Teacher; Traveller; One who Shows Directions
Rahim Another Name for God; Merciful; Compassionate; Kind; Merciful Origin Islamic; Affectionate; Generous
Rahul Efficient; Conqueror of Miseries; Name of Goutam Buddha’s Son; Bond in Affection; Capable; Son of Lord Buddha; The Son of Durga; Most Mysterious Vastu Grah ‘Rahu’
Rajab Seventh Month of the Muslim Calendar
Rajag Universal Awareness
Rajah Anticipation; The Radiant; King
Rajak Illuminating
Rajal Brilliant
Rajam Goddess Lakshmi
Rajan King
Rajas Mastery; Fame; Pride
Rajat Silver Courage; Silver; Courage
Rajen Best of Kings
Rajib Sun God; Almighty Ruler
Rajik Happy; Caring
Rajil Loving; Happy
Rajin Moonlight
Rajit Brilliant; Decorated
Rajiv Lotus Flower
Rajju A Star; Simple; Plain
Rajni Night
Rajul Brilliant
Rajus Ruler; Like King
Rakai Careful
Rakin Respectable; Respectful
Rakip God
Raksa To Guard
Rakta One who has Red-colored Body
Ramak Delighting; Gratifying; Sporting
Ramal Rejoicing; Enchanting
Raman Beloved; Pleasing; Cupid; Wise Protector
Ramey Loving
Ramit Loved
Ramiz Symbol
Ramji Lord Rama
Ramki Good Think; Clever
Ramon Wisely; Advice; Decision Protection; Counselor-protector; Form of Raymond Guards Wisely; Mighty Protector
Ramos Inspire
Ramra Splendour
Ramya Beutiful
Ranaa Prince
Ranai Courageous Man; Protector
Ranak King
Ranga Colourful
Ranit Joyful Song
Ransh Another Name of Ram
Raoul Wolf Counselor; Form of Ralph Wolf Counsel; Famous Wolf; Wise; Strong
Raqib One of the Ninety-nine Names of God; Watchman
Rarna Pleasing; An Alternative Name for the Hindu God Vishnu
Rasal Angle
Rasan King
Rashv Love Symbol
Rasik Connoisseur
Rasna Tongue; Speech
Rasul Angel; Messenger; Messenger Origin Islamic; Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Ratan Precious Stone
Ratib Arranger
Ratik Satisfied; Loved; Joyful
Ratin Jewel
Ratna Praise; Gem; Gold; Pearl
Ratri Night
Ratuj Son of Truth
Ratul Sweet
Ravan Power Holder
Ravat Humming; The Indian Cuckoo
Raven Raven; A Bird; Large Black Bird
Ravij Born of the Sun
Ravin Sun
Ravit Sun
Rawan Brilliant
Rawel Wise and Strong; A Flower
Raxit Protector; Guard
Rayan Doorman of Heaven; Soft Touch; Fresh; Paradise Gate; Descendent of Rian; Fragrant Herb; Sweet-scented Herb
Rayar Way of Heaven
Rayba God Name
Rayin Little Prince
Razak Devotee; Protector
Redan Having Loved Heart
Reddy Power; Dominate; Leader; Forerunner
Reedh Custom
Reema Sukh
Reenu Amiable and Cooperative