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Indian Baby Names – Indian Boy Names – Name From P

Name •  Meaning
Pal Humble; Witness; Small
Pay Money
Paz Peace
Pra River; Akan of Ghana
Pre Hero
Pul Bean; Destruction
Paal Guardian
Padm Baby Lotus
Paka Lord of Lotuses; Sun
Pala Moment
Pals Friend
Pani Water; Life
Pant Father of Lancelot
Papa Lord Shiva; Father
Para The Supreme
Pari Charitable Prince; Cute Angel
Parn Wisdom
Parv Festival
Pata Spectrogram
Pati Lord; Ruler; Break by Twisting; Baskets of Fish; Master; Pet Form of Patricia
Patr Defender; Letter
Paul Small; Little; Biblical Apostle and Evangelist Paul’s Letters to Early Christians Comprise Many New Testament Books; Humble
Pavi Lighting; Lord Hanuman
Peru Name of Fruit
Piar Love; Affection
Pihu Chattering of Bird
Pina Name of Mechanical Instrument
Pita Father
Posh Month in Hindu Calender
Poya Curious
Pran Life
Prat Early Morning
Prem Love
Prit Lovely
Pula The Great
Puli Tiger
Puna Again
Punj Five
Pura In Begining
Puri Devotional Place
Puru Heaven; Abundant; Name of a King; A Legendary King Yayati
Pusa Flavor
Pyas Thirsty
Pablo Little
Pabok Fire
Padak Pendant; Medal
Padam Lotus; Letter
Padma Lotus
Pagat Pure
Pahal Facet; Beginning Initiative
Pahul Initiatory Rite of Sikhism; Amrit (Holywater)
Pahwa Lord Vishnu
Pajas Firmness; Strength
Pakhi Bird
Paksh Symbolizing the Phases of Moon
Palak Good; Eyelash
Palam Fruit
Palin Protecting
Palla Opening
Panan Singer; Messenger; Lover
Panav Prince
Pandi Lord Pandi Muni
Pandu Fruit
Panit Admired
Panju Smooth
Panna Emerald
Panth Savage
Panvi Lord Shiva
Paola Small
Pappy Kiss
Parag Pollen Grains
Paraj Ride
Param The Best; Being Supreme; Primary; Perfect; Ultimate
Paran Beauty; Glory; Ornament
Paras Anything He Touches Turn Gold; Touchstone
Parav Festival
Pardu Strong; Handsome
Parin Another Name for Lord Ganesha
Paris A Mythical Stone whose Touch Converts Iron into Gold; City Name; From Paris; Name of a God; The French Capital
Parth King; Bright; Silver; Arjun
Party Positive
Parul Graceful; Name of a Flower
Parva A Section; Portion; Festival; Strong; Occassion
Parya A Bird
Pasak Add Meaning
Pasaq Lord of Celebrations
Pasha Net; Snare; A Turkish Name; A Lord
Patag Sun
Patak A Flag; A Banner
Patel Surname
Patoj Lotus
Patra A Leaf
Patri A Patrician; A Noble Mane
Pavak Fire
Pavan Wind; Breeze; Life; Lord Hanuman
Pavas Wind
Pavel Little; Small; Form of Paul
Pavin Sun; Moon
Pavit Pure; Pious
Pawan Wind; Air; Power-star
Payal Foot Ornament
Payam Message
Payas Water
Payod Cloud
Payoj Lotus
Pegan Tamil King
Pemal Awesome
Peruk Rescuer; King
Pesal Beautiful; Decorated; Charming
Peter Rock; Stone; River; Strong
Petva Gold
Phani Snake
Piara King of Serpents
Pilar Pillar; Fountain Base
Pinak Shiva’s Bow
Pinki Like a Rose
Pintu Rocky; Sun; Fearless
Pipal The Sacred Tree
Pirro Red Haired; Flaming Hair
Pitar Father
Pitri Father
Pival A Tree
Polam Flower
Poorv The East
Popat Parrot
Posha Flower
Praan Life
Prabh God
Prabu God
Prady Healty
Praiv Brave
Prana Spirit
Pravi Lord Hanuman
Preet Love
Prema Love
Presh Active
Primo First Born
Prina Pleased
Prish Loving or God Gifted
Prita Delighted; Joyful
Prity Affection; Love
Prsad God Gift
Pugal Glory; Fame
Pujan The Ceremony of Worshipping
Pujar Priest
Pujit Worshipped
Pujya Respectable; Worshipped Person
Pulak Joy
Pulin Beautiful
Punag A White Lotus
Punan Clear; Bright
Punav Full Moon
Punil Beautiful
Punit Holy; Untouched; Good; Pure
Punya Virtue; Original; Pious; Purification Acquired by Virtuous Deeds
Pupri Petals of Flower
Purab East
Puran Complete
Purav Chanting Voice from East at Sunrise
Purdy Pretty; Handsome
Purha Full
Purna Fullness; Fulfilled
Purva East
Purya Worthy of Fulfilment
Pusan A Sage
Pushp Flower
Puspa Flower
Putta Small Baby
Pyara Loved One
Pyare One who is Lovable
Paandu Father of the Pandavas
Paaras Precious Stone; Costly Metal
Paarth Another Name of Arjuna
Paavak Pure; Fire
Paavan Purifier; Water
Paawan Pure
Pachai Youthful; Resourceful
Pachak Digester
Padmaj Lord Brahama
Padmal Lotus
Padman Lotus
Padmin Lotus Holder
Pahara Mountain
Pajika Feet
Pakala Day
Pakima Soft Minded