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Indian Baby Names – Indian Boy Names – Name From N

Name •  Meaning
Nu Positive; God
Nal An Ancient King; Champion
Nat Form of Nathan; Given by God
Nek Noble Person
Nij Himself; Apna
Nik Lord; Abbreviation of Nicholas; Mythological; People’s Victory; Champion; Good; Victorious People; Diminutive of Dominick
Nil Heaven
Nuh The Biblical Noah is the English Language Equivalent; A Prophet’s Name
Naag A Big Serpent
Naal Name of a Saint
Naaz Pride; Delicacy
Nabh Sky
Nafi Useful
Naga A Smart Boy and Great Boy
Nagi Saved
Nagu Simple and Gentle
Naik A Chief; Leader
Nail Gainer
Naim To Comfort; Ease; Tranquillity; Comfort
Naji Saved; Rescued; Close Friend; Survivor; Safe
Naki Fire
Nala Stem; Hollow Reed
Nalo Lovable
Nami Of Great Re-known; Wave
Namo Salutation
Nana Father of the Mother; Grandfather
Nand Joyful
Nani Cute Person
Nanu Small
Nara Man
Nata Bowed
Nath Lord; Ruler
Nava A Boat; Very True Boy
Naya New
Neal Champion; Blue; Lord Shiva (Blue Throat); Engineer to the Gods with Twin Nal Helped Rama Build the Bridge to Lanka
Neam The Name of a Tree
Neel Blue; Lord Shiva
Neer Water
Neev Foundation
Neil Champion; Blue; Like a Horn
Nemi Dasharatha’s Previous Name; Lord Rama’s Father
Neor Dew
Neri Beautiful
Neta Plant; Leader; Guide
Nial Champion
Niam Law; Rule
Nick Victory of the People; Diminutive of Dominick; Lord; Abbreviation of Nicholas; People’s Victory; Child Born on Sunday; Victorious Person; Good
Nieu New
Nike Victory; Useful; Bringer of Victory
Nila Moon
Nimi Rama’s Ancestor
Nipu Fire
Nish Cute
Noam Beautiful; Good-looking; Sweet Friend
Noel Christmas; Born on Christmas Day
Noni Butter
Nooh A Prophet’s Name; The Biblical Noah is the English Language Equivalent; Name of Prophet
Noor Attribute of Allah
Nrip King
Nuri Light; My Fire; Shining; Brightness
Nuru Born During the Day; Light; Bright Color; Born in Daylight
Naajy Safe
Nabha The Heart Center
Nabhi Focus; The Best
Nabil Noble; Generous; Another Name for God; Good-looking; Wise; High-born
Nabin New
Nadal Fortunate
Nadav Nobel; A Generous One
Nadim Friend; Companion
Nadin Lord of Rivers
Nadir Pinnacle; Rare and Valuable; Rare; Dear; Precious
Nadra Rare; Unique
Nadwa Council
Naeem Comfort; Ease; Tranquil; Benevolent; Blessing
Nagar Village; Establishment
Nagin Jewel; Gem
Nagpa Saviour of Serpents or the Cobras
Nagur State
Nahid Stainless
Nahla A Drink of Water
Nahul Powerful Boy
Naidu Diamond; Great Parson
Naika No One is Like Him
Naina Eyes; Love
Najaf Strong
Najar Supervisor; Eye Sight
Najat Safety
Najib Excellent; Noble; Intelligent; Of High-born Parentage
Najur King of the Land; Great Minded
Najwa Confidential Talk; Secret Conversation
Nakin One who Dwells in Heaven
Nakir Hateful
Naksh Feature; Head
Nakul Name of One of the Pandavas; Lord Shiva
Nalah Stem; Hollow Reed; To Make an End; To Make Complete
Nalak A Little Boy who Whole Heartedly Worshipper of Lord Buddha
Nalan Lord Shiva
Nalin Water; Lotus
Nalli Very Kind
Namah I Bow
Naman Salutation
Nambi Self Confident
Nambu God
Namik Add Meaning
Namit Bowed Down; Modest
Namra Kind
Namya Venerable
Nanak Guru of the Sikhs; First Sikh Guru
Nanda Meritorious; Great Achiever; Lord Vishnu; Joy; Bliss
Nandi One who Pleases Others; The Bull of Shiva; Lord Shiva
Nandu One who Always be Cheerful
Nanga The One without Fear; Naked
Nanku Well; Safe; Fine
Naomi Pleasantness
Narad Indian Saint; Devotee of Narayan
Naren Filled with the Joy of Life; Imaginative and Enthusiastic
Narsi Poet; Saint
Narun Leader of Men
Narya Powerful; Manly
Nasib Share; Participation; Noble; Relative
Nasih Advisor; Well-wisher; Counsellor
Nasim Breeze; Breath of Fresh Air
Nasir Defender; Supporter; Success; Protector; Granting Victory
Natha Lord; Ruler
Natko Good King
Natsu Born in Summer
Nauka Boat
Navaj New Kingdom; New Order; Newly Born
Naval Wonder
Navam New
Navay New; Nootan
Naved Reward; Justice
Navee Good Person
Navid Messenger of Happiness; Good News; Glad Tiding
Navil Peacock
Navin New
Navvu Challenge Person
Navya New
Nawab The Powerful Influencer; A Governor in India During the Mughal Empire
Nawaf High; Lofty
Nawal Wonder
Nawar Flower
Nawin New
Nayak The Guide
Nayan Eye
Nayar Succsesor
Nayat Leading; Guiding
Nayaz Feels from Heart
Nayna Eye
Nazah Happiness
Nazar Eyesight; Vision; Hero
Nazih Pure; Chaste
Nazim Emperor; Poet; Arranger; Organizer; Adjuster
Nazir Observer; Supervisor; Little; Insignificant; Warner; Similar; Comparable; Another Name for the Quran; One who Preaches
Neela Blue Color
Neeli The Sky Colour
Neelu Mohit
Neera Peacock; Shiva
Neeru Light
Neesh Silent
Nehal The One who is Gratified; Neh means Love; Rainy; Beautiful; Handsome
Nehra Love
Nehru Canal
Nemil Naveen
Nency Eyes
Nesan Mark; One who Loves and is Loved
Nesar Sun or Moon
Neshu Lovely
Netar Eyes
Netik Traditional
Netra Eyes; Leader; Guide
Nevan Little Saint; Little Holy One; From the New Town
Neyan Love; Happy; Lovely; Admirer
Niagh Virtuous; Sinless; Divine
Nidat God Name
Niesh Blue God Krishna
Nigam Treasure
Nigel Dark Cloud; Champion; Dark Night; Black
Nigna Lord of Treasure
Nigun Eashwar
Nihal Gratified; Delighted; Happy; Prosperous; King; Blissful Person
Nihan Morning
Nihar Dew Drop; Mist; Fog
Nihir Wind
Nihit God Gift
Nikat Mist; Fog; Dew
Niket Home
Nikil Whole; Complete
Nikit Global Thought Leader; One who has Divine Wisdom; Self Sufficient; Ambitious
Nikki Victory of the People; Of the Lord; Victory; Two Tree; People’s Victory; Useful; Bringer of Victory; Small
Nikky People’s Victory