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Indian Baby Names – Indian Boy Names – Name From B

Name •  Meaning
Bal Heart; Mind; Soul; Arm; Wing; Power; Honey
Ben Born of the Right Hand; Meadow with Coarse Grass; Son of the South; Benjamin
Bha Short Form of Bhavesh
Bhe Courage
Bhu Earth; Derived from Bhumi
Bin Son; Form of Bingham; Crib
Bir Courageous
Bud Herald; Messenger; Friend; To Puff Up
Baan God’s Hymns
Baba Sweet Baby; Born on Thursday
Babo Cute
Babu A Hindu Gentleman; A Native Clerk who Writes English; Child
Badr Full Moon
Baha Beautiful; Magnificent; Brilliance
Bahu A Lot; Arm; The Shadow of the Sundial
Baka Crane; Stork
Bala Child; Young One
Bali Powerful; Mighty Monkey King of Kiskindha; Monkey King; Brave; Lord of Strength
Balo Send
Balu Child; Sweet Person; Wonder Man
Bani Children; Speech; An Orator; Sayings of the Guru
Banu Sun
Bapu The Middle Child
Bari Of Allah; Creator; Deity; Sharp; Pointed
Baru Brave; Noble
Basu Wealthy
Bawa Father; Grandfather
Baxi Saint
Beau Handsome; Pretty; Beautiful Gaze
Bebo Loved One
Bela White; Within; Intelligent; Destruction
Beli From Bell; Stomach
Beni Plait of Hair; Blessed
Bert Bright; Highborn; Brilliant; Day-bright; Fame; Strength; Bright as an Angel; Shining Intellect; Renowned Northerner; Famous; Will; Desire; Noble
Bhag Lucky
Bhav Lord Shiva
Bhim Powerful
Bhiv Cool
Bhoj Name of a Poet King; Meal
Bhup Kind
Biju Jewel
Bila Hollow; Cave
Bill Resolute Protector; Form of William; Resolute Guardian; Will Desire; Will Helmet; Protect
Bimb Halo
Bina Wise; Far-sighted
Binu Created with Immense Power
Bodh Knowledge; Intelligent; Understanding
Bond Tied to the Land; Tiller of the Soil; Farmer
Bora Snow; Excellent; Brave; Hurricane; Foreign; Strange
Bose Master
Brad Broad; From the Broad Meadow
Braj Place of Lord Krishna
Bret Native of Brittany
Brij Lord Krishna
Brja Nature
Bryn Hill
Buck A Stag; Male Deer
Budh To Know
Buta Plant
Baala Child; Young
Baasu Rich; Wealthy
Babak Name of the Father of Ardeshir; Founder of the Sassanid Dynasty; Faithful; Young Father
Baban Winner; Happy
Babar Lion; King of Jungle
Babat Lucky; Fortunate
Babil Gate of God; Babylon; Renowned for Wine and Magic; Planet Jupiter; East
Babua Small Boy
Babul A Tree; Gate of God; Father; Lord Shiva
Badal Cloud; Rain
Badar Full Moon; Fresh; Green
Badij Myrobalan Tree
Badri Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Badru Born at the Full Moon; Full Moon
Bagga Pure and White
Bahaj Jubilation; Happiness; Joy; Rejoicing
Bahar Spring
Bahir Luminous; Sparkling; Dazzling; Prevailing
Bahul A Star
Baiju Peaceful; Little Brother
Baika Plum Blossom
Baira Brave
Baird Poet; One who Sings Ballads; Bard; From Baird; Bard or Minstrel
Bakul A Kind of Tree; Flower
Bakur Thunderbolt; Horn; Glorifies; First Rain of Spring
Balab Very Sweet
Balah Problem
Balan Youthful
Balar Strength; Power
Balbo Inarticulate; Mutterer
Balda Take Revenge
Balen Little Boy
Balik Young Boy
Balin Powerful; Strong; Mighty; Healthy; Energetic
Balki Kind; Like a Baby
Balya Powerful; Strong; Child-like; The Crescent Moon
Banaj Lotus
Banda Flower-stem of the Coconut Palm; Shed
Bandi Slave; Servant; Man; Warrior
Banke Lord Krishna
Banko Everlasting
Banny Kind
Bansi Flute; Baansuri
Banti Ball
Banty Beautiful
Bappa Universal Father
Baran Noble Man
Baren The Lust
Barid Cloud
Barna Son of Comforting; Young; Youth; Son of Exhortation; Son of Comfort
Baron Nobleman; The Title of Nobility Used as a First Name; Freeman; Young Warrior
Barry Marksman; From the Land that was Burned; Lives at the Barrier; Sharp; Pointed; Bear-strength; Spear; Javelin
Barun Lord of the Sea
Basav Bull; Mighty; Masculine; A Minister of a Jaina King who Developed Vira-saiva System
Basel Brave
Basha Stranger; King; Emperor; Noble; Daughter of God
Basho Banana Plant
Basil Kingly; Brave; Royal; The Great; King Like
Baspa Tear; Steam; Vapour
Bater The Grey Quail
Battu Boy; Lad
Batuk Small Boy
Bayaz White; Bright
Bayya A Support; A Power
Beant Boundless
Beena One Musical Instrument
Beenu Fish
Bejul Add Meaning
Bejun Add Meaning
Belur Temple
Beman Without Interest
Bemra Clever
Benak God Name of Ganesh
Benna Musical Instrument of Goddess Saraswati
Benoy Polite
Bevis Bowman
Bhaag God
Bhaga Lord; Fortune
Bhakt Devotee of God
Bhama Light; Splendour
Bhanu The Sun
Bhari One who Supports; Lion
Bhart Divine
Bharu Sea; Bearing the Load; Ruler; Gold
Bhasu Creator of Light; The Sun
Bhatu Light; The Sun
Bhava Emotion; Sentiment
Bhavi Emotional
Bhavy Grand; Splendid; Big
Bheem Powerful; Positive Thinker; Self Comfidence; Positive; Frank
Bhena The Lord of Stars; Another Name for Sun and Moon
Bheru Friend
Bhima The Mighty One
Bhiru Coward
Bhoja Liberal; Bestowing Enjoyment
Bhola Innocent; Polite
Bholu Very Polite
Bhoop Father
Bhrgu Born of Fire
Bhrij Lord Krishna
Bhuji Granting Favours; Patron
Bhulo One who Forgets
Bhumi Earth
Bhupa Protector of the Earth
Bhuri Much; Abundant; Mighty; Lord Vishnu; Siva
Bhuta Past
Bhuva The Upper World
Bhuvi Heaven
Bibek Conscience
Bibin One who Things Big
Bichu The Great Person
Bigul Musical Instrument
Biini Add Meaning
Bijal Lightning
Bijan A Character in Shahnameh
Bijin Cosmic Creator; The Owner and Giver of Seed
Bijit Always to Win
Bijon Deep
Bijoy Victory
Bikas Development
Bilal The Chosen One; Black Man; First Convert of Muhammad; Name of the Prophet’s Muezzin (Person who Calls to Prayer); Wetting; Moistening; A Proph
Bilas Pleasure
Billa A Person whose Eyes are in Brownish Like Cat Eyes; Male of Cat
Bilva A Sacred Leaf
Bilwa A Sacred Leaf Used in Shiv Pooja
Bimal Pure
Biman Sky; Aeroplane
Bimol Cleaned
Binal Princess
Binay Blessing
Bincy Someone who will Make the Best of Ever
Bindu Point; Drop; Dot
Binnu Peaceful
Binod Happiness; Joy
Binoy Humble; Request
Bipak God
Bipin Forest
Bipul A Lot