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Indian Baby Names Boy Names A letters

Name •  Meaning
Aan Respect; Pride
Aar Abbreviated from Aarav
Aas Asylum
Abd Slave; Servant
Abi My Father; All
Adi More; Extra; Companion of Prophet Muhammad; Jewel or Ornament; Myth Name; Beginning; First Born; Adornment; Jewel; Superior; Ornament
Aga Sword
Aha Ascertainment; Affirmation
Ahd Knowledge
Ahi Fawn; Serpent; Cloud; Water; Sun
Aja Fire; Unborn
Aji Taste
Aka Creeper; Vine; Weed; Bad
Aki Autumn; Bright; Short Form of Joakim
Aks Reflection
Ala Nobility; Excellence; Superior; All and Rich; Power; Rule; Truthful; Noble; Exalted; Defending Men
Ali God; Excellent; Noble; Sublime; Light; Lofty; To Ascend; Exalted One; Also Mohammad’s Son-in-law; Elevated
Ami Nectar
Amr Order; Command; Old Arabic Name; The Generous One
Anu An Atom; Angel
Any A New Beginning
Apa Water; Father
Api Father in Rejoicing; Friend; Ally; Acquaintance
Apu Virtuous; Divine; To be Pure; Flawless
Ara Swift; Speedy; Ornament; Decoration
Ari Lion; Brave; Inner Skin; Eagle; Lord Vishnu
Ash From the Ash Tree Farm; Ash Trees Meadow; Felicitous
Asy Lord Ganesh
Ata Abandon; One of Twins; From Fante; Gift; Donation; To Give; Twin; Father
Ati Extremely
Aum The Sacred Syllable
Avi The Sun and Air; Honest; My Father is Exalted
Aws Name of a Tribe in Madinah
Azb Sweet
Aadi First; Most Important
Aage Carves the Stones; Stonefeild
Aapt Trustworthy
Aarv Peaceful; Melodious; Good Sound; Music
Aary God Rama
Aavi Smoke
Aayu Span of Life; Long Life
Aban Old Arabic Name; Dual of Abu; 8th Month of the Iranian Calendar; Name of a Certain Angel; Bloom of Love; Little Abbot; Waters
Abby Father; My Father is Light; Father in Rejoicing
Abed Worshipper; Adorer
Abel Breath; Highborn and Steadfast; Child; Breathing Spirit; Son; Vapour
Abha Shining; Luster; Glorious; Beauty
Abhi Fearless; Better than Best
Abhu Unborn; Nonexistent
Abid Worshipper of Allah; Spark of Fire; Worshipper of God
Abij Seedless
Abir Perfume; Colour; Thinker; Traveller; Strong; Red Powder; The Red Colour Used in Holi Festival
Abra Fire; Cloud
Achu Can Not Destroy
Adab Respect
Adag Pure; Blemishless
Adam Red Earth; First Human Being; Created by God; Red; Man; To be Red; Ruby; A Prophet’s Name; Man of Earth; First Human
Adan Variation of Adam from the Red Earth; Earth; Man
Adar High; Eminent; Fire; Noble
Adel Righteous; Upright; Sincere; Justice; Noble; Equal; Alike; God is Eternal; High-born; Brave
Adem Earth; Of the Earth
Adhi Earth; First
Adib Cultured; Well Mannered One; Scholar; Civil; Educated Person
Adie Noble; Kind; Adornment; Jewel
Adil Sincere; Just; Fair; Judicious; Honest; Righteous; Negotiation; Exchange; Justice; Upright; Kindness; Fear; Nest
Adit From the Beginning
Adiv Gentle; Delicate
Adol Stable
Adra More Knowledgeable; Better Informed; Hard; Rock
Adri Mountain; Hard as Rock; Seven
Adya Today
Aera Lion
Afaf Pure; Decent
Afif Pure-chaste; Chaste; Modest
Agam Extending Far; Profound; Unimaginable; Intelligent
Agha Pre-eminent; Master; Owner; Sinful; Another Name for God; Fight
Agni Fire; Flame
Agya A Fool who has No Knowledge in Standard Scriptures; The Ignorant Person
Ahad Another Name for God; One; An Individual; Allah
Ahan Rich; Morning; Dawn; One who is of the Nature of Time Itself
Ahar Defender
Ahel Cowboy
Ahem Proud
Ahil Prince; Emperor; Ruler
Ahim Cloud; Water; Traveller
Ahir The Devotee and God are One
Ahuk Inevitable
Aifa Smart
Aila Born of Intellect; Another Name for Pururavas
Ajai Invincible
Ajan The Unborn; Love of Vishnu
Ajar The God; One who is Not Old
Ajat Birthless; Lord Shiva
Ajay Unconquerable; Invincible
Ajit Unconquerable; Invincible; Victorious
Ajoy Joyful
Akal Timeless; Chief of a Tribe; Supreme Being
Akar Shape; Form
Akas High Like Sky; All Pervading; As Great as Sky
Akif Focused; Attached; Intent
Akil Sweet Smell; Fire; The Wanderer; Intelligent; Thoughtful; One who Uses Reason; Place Name; Pain or Lipless
Akra Banner; Wall; Fence
Aksa Soul
Aksh Chariot of Thousand Horses
Akta Anointed
Aktu Ray; Light
Akul Lord Shiva
Alaa Nobility; Excellence
Alak World; Beautiful Tresses; Enjoyable Person
Alam The Whole World; World
Alan God of Shine; Handsome; Cheerful; Rock; Comely; Peace; Little Rock; Noble; Rock or Noble
Alap Development of the Tune Before the Song is Sung
Alay Gift
Alec Abbreviation of Alexander; Helper and Defender of Mankind; Defending Men
Alek Form of Alexander; Helper and Defender of Mankind; Man’s Defender
Alex Form of Alexander; Helper and Defender of Mankind
Alia Forehead
Alif The First Character in Hijaiyah
Alih Idol; God; Brave
Alim Learned; Scholarly; Omniscient; Wise Man
Alin Fair; Handsome; Both a Diminutive of Albert; Noble; Rock; Comely; To Soothe; Bearer of the Light; Scorpion; The Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Allu Stylish Star
Alok A Man with Lovely Hair; Cry of Victory; Lord Subramanya; Brightness; Light
Alop That which does Not Disappear
Alya Apt
Amad Serious; Much Praised; One of Many Names of the Prophet Muhammad; Without Intoxication; Grave
Amal Expectation; Bird; Hard Work; Bright; Clean; Pure; Unblemished; Hope; Aspiration
Amam Safety; Protection
Aman Wonder; Peace; Hero; Safety; Protection; Honest; Faithful; Trustworthy; Security; The One who is Peaceful
Amar Forever; Long Life; Luck; Everlasting; The Immortal One
Amas Fine; Soft; Raw; Not Hard
Amav Ocean; One Connected to Body of Water
Amay Lord Ganesha
Ambi Goddess Parvathi
Ambu Water; Beautiful
Amer Rich; One who Builds; Great Tree
Amey Eagle
Amfy Always Ready
Amid Support; Leader; Chief; A Great Man; Amin
Amil Invaluable
Amin Divine Grace; Trustworthy; Honest; Amin; Another Name for Prophet Muhammad; Faithful; Custodian
Amir Rich; Leader; From Kikuyu; Wealthy; Ruler; King; Emir; Treetop; Sheaf; Prince Ruler; Mighty; Strong; Prosperous; Proclaimed; Commander
Amis Honest
Amit Boundless; Without Limit; Nobody can Distroy; Unstoppable; Upright; Friendly; Faithful; A Great Deal with World
Amiy Nectar
Amma Mother; God-like
Ammu Mother
Amod Pleasure
Amol Priceless; Valuable
Amos A Burden
Amuk Some; One or Another
Amul Priceless
Amum Very Beautiful
Anad God
Anag Very Handsom
Anam Blessing
Anan Cloud
Anas A Group of People; Affection; Love; Friendliness; Pleasant Companionship
Anav Starting
Anay Radha’s Husband
Anbu Love; Kindness
Andi Man; Warrior
Ando A Small Diamond
Anek Many
Anel Love
Anga A Limb; Body Part; Organ
Anhu Imperishable; Invincible
Anik Soldier
Anil Purest; Wind; God of Wind
Aniq Elegant; Blessed; Moon
Anir Lovely
Anis Close Friend; Friendly; Amiable; Companion; Lover
Anit Joyful Unending
Aniv Sweet
Anji Lord Hanuman
Anna Name of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God is Gracious; God has Shown Favour; Angel; Elder Brother
Annu A Prefix; Atom
Anoj Younger Brother
Anpu Lake; Love; Royal Child
Ansa Portion
Ansh Portion; A Little Part of Things; Honesty
Ansu Ray of Light
Anti Opposite
Anuj Younger Brother
Anul Wind
Anup Unique; Talent; Glory; Extreme Large; Without Comparison; Hard Working; Honest; Love Person; Anytime Happy
Anvi One of Devi’s Names
Apan Sun; Glorious; Brilliant
Apar Infinite; Great; Best
Apod Highlight
Appy Enjoyable Person
Apta Reliable
Apti Highly Beautiful
Aram Highness; Exalted
Aran Righteous
Arav Peaceful; Beautiful
Arca Sun; Moon