Home Astrology 2015 HOROSCOPE of SAGITTARIUS -4



There are domestic concerns and emotional issues staring you in the face. There is a lot on your plate. There are medical emergencies, children and the
There are many expenses and you splurge. Money slips through your hands. spouse need you, work pressures mount, bills need to be paid and you have a
Love relationships are intense. They can become a vehicle for variety of fiscal instruments to look into. There are realty deals, blue-chip stocks
self -transformation. You will be busy with loans, funds and investments. By and investments of all kinds. As the month progresses, there is powerful energy
mid -month, you are filled with energy. You are meticulous and disciplined. goading you on. There are money and honey. You are at your creative best.
Nothing escapes your eagle eye. As the month ends, you live and love large. There are new projects and collaborations. There are also maudlin moments and
You are expansive, exuberant, excited and enthusiastic about life. You execute domestic issues that take your time. Month -end sees powerful emotions take
plans and make important decisions which have far-reaching consequences. over your life. You are a dynamo of optimism, drive, enthusiasm and guts. The
This can be a great time for business growth and expansion. pace is frenetic. You may also look at a complete revamp of your life. You may
attend yoga camps, seek out a new guru, change your diet, and even opt for May
cosmetic surgery. You are action -oriented and you mean business. You take advantage of the
opportunities that come your way. There are money and honey, rewards and August
awards, applause and accolades. By mid -month, your mind is everywhere. This is a pleasant influence. You feel good and happy. You are cheerful and
You think big and plan bigger. You are also good at execution. There are optimistic. There are issues of indulgence that you must be wary of. Watch out for
stability, hard work and progress. There is great intellectual precision and you ego drives, arrogance and overconfidence. You live large. You want everything in
excel in any task that requires precision planning. As the month ends, you are a hurry. You look for purity and beauty in life. As the month ends, you feel
clear and precise about what you want, and success cannot elude you. This is protective and nurturing. On the job front you are moving ahead with cohesion
a great time for matters connected with your domestic, personal and and speed. By month -end, your mind is clear and you are able to put your point
emotional life. There are love and lust, and deep bonding. across with clarity and affirmation. You are open, quick-witted and receptive. The
phase is very favourable and you should optimize it. This is a period of new June
beginnings. New vistas open dramatically. You are looking at giving your life a new
definition, a new dimension. There are maudlin moments and you throng the September
memory lane. There are domestic issues and job concerns that confront you. You are open, kind and large -hearted. You are keen to gratify your senses. You
There are social get-togethers, picnics and outings. You have an adventurous also make wise investments. There is travel too. Mid -month sees more stability.
streak and are more than ready to join any escapade or movement. As the You have a strong sense of well-being. As the month ends, the influence of Saturn
month ends, there is an upsurge of creative triumph. Get to know yourself helps you evolve and become a more complete person. There will be issues with
better and you will know how to handle it. Self-discovery is the best discovery. money. There could be court cases and controversial business deals. You look
for succour in gurus and god -men and take a deep interest in yantra, tantra and July
mantra. You go on pilgrimages.