Home Astrology 2015 HOROSCOPE 2- SAGITTARIUS



Saturn is the planet who has a tremendous impact upon you and your affairs. Saturn starts his journey in your own sign now. This could lead to health problems
Saturn will be directly in your sign. Saturn will test and try you out completely. It caused by relationships, stress and radical changes in your life. Saturn will be in
will be a trial by fire. As we say there will be dramatic change in relationships, your sign till 20 December 2017 according to Western astrology. This does not
attitudes, behaviour patterns, health. Just as you can peel an onion layer by mean that you will have bad health throughout. It only means you have to be
layer, so also you can derive many interpretations (meanings) of Saturn. There watchful and careful about your health. The months of December, March, June,
can be: a) insecurity; b) limitations; c) restrictions; d) changes in relationships; September and November may cause health problems.
e) gloom and melancholies; f) difficulty in communication and expression of Love/ Marriage
feelings and perhaps, consequent frustrations and disappointments and
The period from 17 July 2014 to 11 August 2015 certainly favours love and delays; g) sacrifice, penance, penalty, and from it mighty spirituality. Let me marriage. This does not mean that you cannot marry after this period. It only put it all in another way. Once you have learnt the lesson, you will be the better means that after this period work and publicity will claim your attention and and stronger for it, assures Ganesha. Saturn hurts only to help! Let me put all efforts. of it very simply and clearly. Saturn is in your sun sign, by Western astrology, till
December 2017. This means tremendous responsibility. Let me clarify that Property
the whole period, 25 December 2014 to 19 December 2017 will not be bad. I have observed over the years that you Sagittarians are really lucky in all
So, do not be nervous and frightened. You could be disappointed and sad. property matters, be it house, home, office, shops, industries, gas station,
Astrology is not perfect. Astrology is not final. You Saggitarians can often hospitals, farms and so on. This year also your luck will hold in property matters.
bounce back from tough situations. I am sure you will do it now. And please Job/Business/Loans/Funds/Investments
remember that Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is in your favour. Therefore, The period from 12 August 2015 to 8 September 2016 finds you extremely have hope, work hard, trust yourself and you should do very well. If you believe successful and busy in job/business/loans/funds/investments. You will be in in mantras, go to Hanuman and repeat this mantra, Om Praam Preem Proum
money. Taxes, loans, funds, investments, new ventures also fall in this bracket. Se Sanaye Namah, twenty-one times. Feel free to pray to your own god. All January, March, August, October and perhaps June should be eventful and
religions lead to joy. I always say, ‘Nothing in life is final. There is hope for one profitable. and all.
Children/Entertainment Journey and Communication
Mars boosts all matters to do with children, entertainment, arts, research, Till 11 August 2015, journey and communication will be most important. What
prayers, cartoons (Disney was a Sagittarian and so was Raj Kapoor), music, you do in this year will have a great impact and influence on your life. Usually showmanship. April and August are also extremely favourable for it. The period Sagittarians like to travel and move fast. This is the right time for you. Mercury
from 31 July to 8 October will be memorable because of Venus. will be in your sign from 21 November to 9 December, again from 21 January
to 19 February. The period from 1 May to 8 July will also be good for travel. Trips/Ties
Trips and ties always go with journey and communication. Romance and Health
friendships and love will go like rice and daal for you during this period. In your
case, journey and communication includes trips and ties.