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Gurur brhma gurur Vishnu gurur devo maheshawra!
Gurur sakshat perbrham, tsmey shri guruvey namah.
The meaning of this shlok is:

Only guru are brhma, guru are Vishnu and guru are shiva!
Guru are just like perbrahma[god], so guru are respected for us and we are sloping them.

We mind this shlok and take the name ‘Bhakti Guru’ for this site, because guru are our real guide, only they exhibit us a right way and teach us to judge the difference between true and false. Only by the division of guru we can gain the real power and right knowledge. So we put the name of this site ‘bhakti guru’. God is also said that:

Guru govind dono khre kake lagu panw!
Blihari guru aapne govind diyo btaye.

This site is mixing of spirit and god, whose medium we have chosen the guru.
You can get from this site the god of all religions, their bhajan-kirtan and the rule of their prayer. We provide in this site the chalisha of all gods, For ex- hanuman chalisha, shiva chalisha, durga chalisha etc.
Besides this, this site gives you all the details about the gurus of this country, just like- osho, ramdev baba, acharya shiv muni ji , kripalu ji maharaj etc. only because of this site you can listen the on line pravachan and can do the on line puja. This site is open minded and the mantra of this site is- vasudhaeb kutumbkam. So we give the place to all the riligions in this site, for ex- hindu , sikha, Christian, jain dharma, mahavir dharma etc. you can see all types of calendar just like- event calendar, hindu calendar etc. You will get the opportunity to see all the temples of this country on line, on this site. This site provides you the religious and spiritual wallpapers. You can listen the shloks of the great granths gita, mahabhartha and ramchritmans on this site. Many types of people are live in this planet and always one
man suggests to other. But a great man said that:

Kupath-kupath rath daurata jo path nirdeshak vah hai!
Laj-lajati jiski kirti se dhriti updeshak wah hai.

The meaning of this shlok is:
The man who himself walks on the wrong way,he shows the way to others!
But himself does that work whereby shy also becomes shy notwithstanding he gives the suggestion to others to have patience .
The purpose of this site ‘Bhakti Guru’ is not that you make those gurus,your guru who is present infront of you but this site tells you to look in to about those gurus who were present in our past time. Those

About Bhakti Guru

were great souls. It is our bad luck that today they are not within us, for ex- guru dronacharya, valmiki, maharshi dayanand saraswati, vivekanand etc. but their talks, sidhants and believes are with us today also. It is our request that at first you come on this site and read about those gurus, know about those gurus and after that take a decision for good and bad.

Besides this, ‘Bhakti Guru’ gives you the opportunity to see your horoscope and make your horoscope free according to your zodiac. The name of children are also available in this site. ‘Bhakti Guru’ you can get thoughts of the day, astrology, live events and the live darshan of the temples. You can get also spiritual audio, spiritual video and spiritual photos in this site. ‘Bhakti Guru’ provides you the bhajan, aarti, tantra-mantra, chalisa, strota, dhun, gayatri mantra and doha in audio and video both types. You can learn different types of yoga in ‘Bhakti Guru’. Just like- kides yoga, woman yoga, pregnant woman yoga, yoga pranayam, diabetes yoga, migraine yoga etc.
Because, the mantra of ‘Bhakti Guru’ is:

Sarve bhavantu sukhinh, sarve santu niramyah!
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, maa kashchid dukh bhagya bhavet!